Student Council

Student Council

The student council at signal Hill Secondary School started in 2004 by Ms Wiltshire –Lovelace. This student organization was born out of the need for a strong student voice in school affairs.


The purpose of the student body is to:


1.         Organize educational programs. 

2          organize cultural and sporting programs. 

3.         Organize avenues for student discussion. 

4.         Foster good relations between the community and the school. 

5.         Voice the concerns of the student body to the staff and administration.


During the years, the student council constitution was formed with a cadre of student representatives.  The council has lobbied for uniform change, improvements to bathroom facilities, improved cafeteria meals and the installation of fans in the hall. The lessons of advocacy and peaceful representation were learnt by several incarnations of the council over the years.  In addition, the student body has been involved in organizing school enrichment programs such as sporting events, talent shows and valentine day promotions. Members of the student body have been encouraged to speak out so that their needs can be met.


The student body for the term 2011/2012 are


President :                                              Dayreon Mitchell

Vice president:                                      Trishon Joseph

Public Relations officer:                    Desirina Delancy

 Treasurer:                                               Arielle Melville

 Secretary:                                                Tianna Baptiste

Assistant Secretary:                             Ronell Scotland                    

Officer for lower form affairs:         Shantel Jack

Assistant for lower for affairs:        Romanique Jack


Through the activities of the student body, students are given the opportunity to engage in citizenship activities by participating in the democratic process. Every year students are given the chance to act as student council representatives. These representatives are given the opportunity to choose their executive. Every student in the school is then given the chance to vote in an election. The skills learnt at school can be transferred to the real world. The student council body fulfills the mission of the school which seeks to develop world class citizens that are exposed to a holistic education in a changing global environment.