Inter-School Christian Fellowship

Inter-School Christian Fellowship (ISCF)


The work of IS/IVCF was introduced in Trinidad & Tobago in 1956 by Mrs. Ruby Thompson, who as a University student at the Mona Campus of U.W.I. Jamaica, witnessed the lives of students transformed by the power of Jesus Christ through the movement.

This group is aimed at assisting students in instilling sound values and behaviors which are guided by the word of God. We are also mandated to assist students in the following areas of their development: Spiritual/social/physical/mental maturity and leadership ability; A Commitment to Christian Fellowship and prayer; Concern for others and ability to communicate their faith to them; Active service in evangelism, discipleship and missions.

Group Meetings: The club Meets every Thursday and is supported by a lively group of students and teachers. The average attendance at meetings is 25-30 persons.

Group Activities: Bible studies, quizzes, worship and prayer, games.

Group members: There is a cross section of students of various denominations, ages and races from our school population. Our membership list is 75 persons.