Head of Department: Mrs. Wendy Baptiste-Henry


Teachers in the Department:


  • Burton Orr
  • Wendy Baptiste-Henry
  • Jenny Richardson-Bruce
  • Kathy-Ann Telgt
  • Jennifer Caruth
  • Charmaine Walker-George
  • Perl Alman-George
  • Seigrid Spencer
  • Karrel Duke
  • Julie Thomas
  • Gilene Webster



Subject Offered: 


Principles of Accounts, Principles of Business, Office Administration, Electronic Document Preparation Management, Economics, Accounting, Management of Business


Outstanding Achievements:


First ‘Open’ National Scholarship 1990 (Merson Bartlett)

Additional Scholarships 2000 (Lorraine Phillips and Avenelle Henry)

Additional Scholarship 2006 (Danielle Smith)

School’s Stationery Store opened 2008

Inaugural Financial Literary Quiz 2008 (2nd and 3rd place)

Designated Business Magnate School 2009

Central Bank Financial Literacy National Winners 2010

Venture Capital Incentive Programme Competition 2010 (1st place winners)

The National Financial Literary Secondary Schools Challenge March 2010 (1st place school)