Mathematics and Computer Science Department


Mathematics and Computer Science Department



Head of Department: Heather Roberts (Ag.)


Teachers in the Department:


math 1

Ron Alleyne                                                   Devaughn Grant

Althimese Anderson                                   Gloria Jack

Evestine Beckles                                           Wayne Lovelace

Ion Beckles                                                    Devon Olivier

Mijanou Charles                                           Heather Roberts

Cindy Cunningham                                      Deon Rodriguez


Subjects Offered:


Mathematics (General)                              Applied Mathematics (Unit 2)

Additional Mathematics (General)         Computer Science (Unit 1 & Unit 2)

Information Technology (General)         Pure Mathematics (Unit 1 & Unit 2)


Outstanding Achievements:


Lisane Miller achieved the 3rd highest score in the A’ Level Computer Science examination in Trinidad and Tobago, in the year 2006 .

In 2009, Chaquille David and Shenelle King, then 3rd formers, progressed to the second round of the National Junior Mathematics Triathlon.