Renowned American Author and Speaker Roy T. Bennett aptly stated that "good leaders are visionary, and inspire others to help them turn their visions into reality. Great leaders have visions, share their visions, and inspire others to create their own." Mrs. Arianne D’Abreau Forde, Principal of Signal Hill Secondary School is the embodiment of an inspirational and visionary leader. Our newly minted Principal’s vision for Signal Hill Secondary is actually in harmony with its vision - "to build a school that is a premiere institution, one where no child is left behind, one where education of the mind goes in hand with education of the heart, one where we move from where we are to where we should be."

Mrs. D’Abreau-Forde decided to pursue a career in education, simply because it gave her the greatest opportunity to be of service to others. She strongly believes that in order to lead, one must be able to serve. It is therefore no surprise that her favorite quote is in perfect alignment with the reason for her decision to become an Educator. She is driven by the quote: "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." ~Mahatma Ghandi~

During her years as a Student, she was inspired and motivated by her favorite teachers Juliet McDavid and Victoria Phipps. They both taught her to question and to be fearless. Her first teaching experience was at Bishop's High School, Tobago. Mrs. Forde spent three years there, and then transferred to Arima North Secondary School, where she spent twenty-one years. Mrs. Forde was appointed as Head of Department (English) in 2009, then became acting Vice Principal in 2012, and was officially appointed in the post in 2016 - all at Arima North Secondary. She taught English Language, Literature, Communication Studies, and Caribbean Studies. Spending time with her family gives her the most joy. When she is around her family, she’s always energized to face any issue at work.

We are honored and thrilled to welcome Mrs. Forde to Signal Hill Secondary School. May her tenure at this institution of excellence be filled with blessings and great achievements.


From Past Student to Vice Principal; An Inside Success Story

His signature shirts and matching ties have earned him the admiration of both Teachers and Students. One of the greatest parts of this story is the fact that Mr. Xavier King is the first Past Student to assume the Vice Principalship of Signal Hill Secondary. Mr. King was also a Mathematics Teacher for 20 years. A true visionary, Mr King is very passionate about working with teachers to create an environment that prepares students to be well-rounded individuals. This will allow them to excel as global citizens.

Mr. King walks the talk, as he is also a well-rounded person. He is the holder of a B.Sc. Double Major in Mathematics and Economics, an Associate Degree in Computer Science and a Distinction Bronze Level One in Latin and Ballroom Dancing. In his spare time, Mr. King loves flying remote control planes, ballroom dancing, cycling, and lawn tennis. He was the Men’s R.B.C. Tennis Champion for four consecutive years. His most memorable moment at Signal Hill was when the S.H.S.S. football team won the National Intercol title in Trinidad. The team’s flight reached Trinidad late because the airport was being renovated. The boys were tired, so after the first ten minutes, they were down two goals to Q.R.C. Through grit and determination, they were able to recover and win the game 5:2.

Sir King credits Mr. Lionel P Mitchell, who was the Principal of the Tobago Institute of Education (T.I.E), for his success. Despite the fact that he did not pass the then secondary entrance exam, he was able to go to T.I.E. and obtain his O’Level passes. When asked what he loves about Signal Hill, Mr. King spoke about the diverse personalities of the Teachers and students. He smiled when he said that there’s never a dull moment. He added that it is a large school. As such there are challenges. When he overcomes the challenges bit by bit, he feels empowered to press on. May God continue to give you grace and strength Mr. King.